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Garbage Day

Sunday Collections

There are no garbage or recycling pickups today.  The City Waste Transfer facility is open. more
What's Your Opinion?
Do you think an electronic billboard is a good idea on the harbourfront?

No, it will cause too many accidents
No, there is a bylaw prohibiting it
No, it's bright and ugly
No, they belong in Las Vegas
No, CP should have to take all the old signs down
Rules are rules...variances are for hypocrites.
Yes, I think it would benefit Kenora
Yes, I enjoy watching people hit head on
Yes, Kenora needs to look more like a brothel


Votes: 1050
Comments: 11

Should the Kenora Hospital Close another 20 Beds?

Yes, our population is shrinking
No, Kenoras hospital is already too busy
Yes, close more beds to save money
No, Lay of more managers at the hospital instead
I think we need more beds than we have now
Closing the beds will create more problems
Keep the bed count where it is and hire more staff
Kenora needs to attract doctors not close beds!
Reduce the management staff, there are too many
Reduce the nursing staff, there are too many
Stay healthy because healthcare in Kenora is shot!
I like waiting 3 days for a hospital bed in Kenora


Votes: 82
Comments: 3