Kenora Ontario on Beautiful Lake of The Woods
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Garbage Day

Sunday Collections

There are no garbage or recycling pickups today.  The City Waste Transfer facility is open. more
What's Your Opinion?
Do you think an electronic billboard is a good idea on the harbourfront?

No, it will cause too many accidents
No, there is a bylaw prohibiting it
No, it's bright and ugly
No, they belong in Las Vegas
No, CP should have to take all the old signs down
Rules are rules...variances are for hypocrites.
Yes, I think it would benefit Kenora
Yes, I enjoy watching people hit head on
Yes, Kenora needs to look more like a brothel


Votes: 1050
Comments: 11

Would the City Of Kenora benefit from a University Campus?

Yes, It would keep our youth here
No, Its a waste of money
Yes, It means better education for everyone
Not if Kenora taxpayers pay some of the cost
Yes, maybe we could even attract non-residents
No, there are plenty of Universitys close by
Yes, we have a unique biology & geology
Yes, medical programs attract doctors
No, I think everyone should finish school by gr.11
Dryden & Fort have large campuses, why not us?


Votes: 36
Comments: 2