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City Of Kenora Letting Nature Take It's Course on Smelly Corpses
By: The Editor
October 3, 2012
A neighborhood in Kenora has seen residents and children staying indoors this past week because of the stench of rotting deer corpses in the area.  The Amethyst St. and Sandstone Place residents are upset with the city's inaction after several calls were made to clean up a deer that is lying near the edge of several properties where children normally play and walk to school.
"We called the city and we were told to let nature take it's course. They refused to clean up the mess", says one resident.  "No one in our area can stand the stench, we basically stay inside and won't be able to enjoy the last weeks in our yards before it snows.  The smell is disgusting."

The City of Kenora Roads Department normally sends a crew of two workers over to clean up deer carcasses and brings them to the transfer station where they are eventually taken to the landfill north of town.  However, this time around, it appears that the city has decided to let nature take its course.  The Roads Department manager did not return our call for comment.

"It's all just a piss off because if this deer was rotting on my property The city would forced me to remove it because people are complaining. But it doesn't work this way when it's the city's property that stinks." Said one home owner.

Local residents also expressed concern for the many children that play in the area mentioning the risk for illness and increase in the number of bear and other wildlife in the area as a result of the lack of cleanup.

If you have an animal that needs to be removed from nearby city property, you can try calling the City Of Kenora Operations Department, Rob Halverson, Roads Manager at 807-467-2247 or email as, according to one staff member who wished to remain anonymous, they do normally clean up carcasses that are decaying on city property.

EDITORS NOTE:  One has to wonder how quickly the mess would be cleaned up if the deer was on the front lawn of City Hall.

Oct.9, 2012
by The Editor
We are pleased to report that follow up phone calls and emails with Mayor and Council produced some positive results.  The deer carcass was removed one week later, October 9th after communication between citizens, City of Kenora Staff, Mayor and Council, and the media.  We have been informed that the City now monitors social media and other websites for trending public opinion and works diligently to meet the needs of community members using these new tools.

Council members, in particular, Council Member Louis Roussin, spearheaded an effort with CAO Karen Brown to have Road Department staff remove the decaying animal in question. 

We are certain that the residents of the area are grateful for the followup and effort that led to the cleanup of the area.