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Abitibi Consolidated Pulp & Paper Mill

Kenora Mill Operation

Closed Dec-2005

Abitibi announced that the Kenora Mill Operation would be shut down permanently in December of 2005.  390 Employees have permanently lost their jobs.

This ends a decades old tradition of paper production for the "forest rich" area surrounding Kenora.  For generations, grandfathers, fathers and sons have worked shoulder to shoulder producing some of the finest quality newsprint in the world.  It is with much regret that we, the editorial staff at, share this news with our website visitors and friends.

Only a few short years ago, Kenora was proudly touted as the "Forestry Capital Of Canada" and now our mill sits idle, the paper making equipment waiting to be dissasembled and sold off for spare parts and scrap.  It's hard to believe that one of the most advanced recycle facilities in Canada could be shelved so early in it's useful lifespan. 

Best of luck and prayers to all of the displaced family members and "Merry Christmas" to Abitibi shareholders!

Inquiries can be directed to:

P.O. Box 5000,
504 Ninth Street North
Kenora, Ontario
Canada P3N 3Y1

T (807) 467-3000

Manager: Derrick Lindgren
Number of Employees 390

Newsprint (up to 50% recycled content), lightweight newsprint, uncoated groundwood including bulky and high bright products - 65 & 70 ISO
Pulp Content 

Stone groundwood, high yield sulphite (HYS), de-inked pulp (DIP)
Production Capacity/Year  Newsprint: 192,000 MT
Value-Added: 50,000 MT
Total: 242,000 MT
Number of Machines  One as of October 27, 2005. Only the number ten paper machine remains in operation but has been idled until further notice.  The most recent reduction in paper production represents a reduction in the labor force by around 50 percent. Abitibi recently announced their intention to seek funding from the Provincial Government in order to co-generate electricity to reduce the cost of running the mill. This is similar to other mills in the area. There are also active negotiations taking place with unions to try and further reduce the cost of operating the mill and make it profitable and worthwhile to produce paper.



504 Ninth Street North
P. O. Box 5000
Kenora, Ontario
Canada P9N 3Y1

T (807) 467-3000

Manager: Dale Munro

Number of Employees

  • 14 woodlands employees
  • 4 seasonal staff
  • 6 harvesting contractors, 1 overlapping licensee
  • 11 silviculture contractors
  • 7 road construction contractors

    Forest Management Plan (April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2024)

    Whiskey Jack Forest - Sustainable Forest Licence

    20-year term, renewable every 5 years

    Productive Forest: 738,586 hectares
    Total Land Base: 1,158,502 hectares
    Planned Annual Cut for 5-year period 2004-2009:
    400,000 m
    3 conifer
    294,000 m
    3 hardwood


  • Construction: Secondary class: 69 km
  • Maintenance: 788.9 km

    Harvest (annual average)

  • Area: 5,423 hectares

    Renewal (annual average)

  • Planting: 1,256 hectares
  • Seeding: 1,556 hectares
  • Natural Regenerations: 2,191 hectares
  • Site Preparation: 3,184 hectares
  • Tending: 2,329 hectares
  • Regeneration Surveys: 5,270 hectares

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